How do I perform the disbursement of funds to the current account?

If you wish to perform the disbursement of funds in the sales office, it is necessary that you as the registered user log in to your user account, choose the option Your profile in the upper right corner, then select the section “Disbursement”, and after that the option „Disbursement to the Bank account“.

After that, a new window opens where you need to choose the bank where you have your account.

In the second field please enter the number of your current account, and at the end the amount you wish to disburse.

Below is the example of the disbursement of funds to the current account:

The numbers of accounts of Montenegrin banks are usually in the following form:  520–245781844–95 (example)

1. The initial number of the account 520 designates the number of the Bank, and is entered through the falling menu and you can see automatically which Bank we are talking about;

2. The remaining numbers from the current account 24578184495 are entered without hyphens (-). In this segment, the number of account must have 15 digits. If your account has less than 15, let’s say 11, as it is the case here, it is necessary to add in FRONT of it the number of zeros that are missing so that there would be 15 digits in total in the middle filed (in this case 4 zeros);

3. The final form of entering the current account number in our example would look like this  000024578184495

4. The last step is to enter the amount for disbursement and the confirmation of disbursement.

Minimum disbursement to the Current account amounts 5,00 eur.

Maximum disbursement for the disbursement to the Current account per transaction amounts 4.500,00 eur.

When we are talking about reservations created during working days, their disbursement to your current account can be expected the following day until 17.00.

As for the reservations created on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, you can expect their disbursements on Mondays at the latest by 17.00.