What is BlackJack?

Before starting  dealing cards, every player must deposit a certain quantity of money (chips). After that, each player is dealt two cards, and croupier takes one card.

The aim of the game is to make the result of 21 or as close as possible to it. If the sum of your card is above 21, you automatically lose.

The cards with numbers are valued the number of points equal to their number, while the knave (J), the queen (Q) and the king (K) are valued 10 points each. The Ace (A) is valued 11 points, if the sum of other cards is 10 or less, or one point if the sum of other cards is 11 or more. If you have two Aces, one of them must be valued 11 points, except if all the other cards together are valued 10 or more points.

After dealing, each one of the players is asked whether he/she wishes to stay on the originally dealt two cards stand or he/she wishes to take one more card hit.

If the player in the sum of the initial two cards has 9, 10 or 11, he/she is offered the possibility of the game double. In that case the player doubles the deposit and obtains from the croupier only one more card.

If you get two same cards, you can separate them – split. In order to split it is necessary to deposit the amount equal to the original deposit. After this you play every card as a separate player. If on one of those cards you again obtain two same cards, you can split them once again.

If, in the initial dealing, you obtain A and (10, J, Q or K) you automatically win and this is called Blackjack.

If you decide after the initial dealing to give up, then the game finishes and the croupier automatically takes half of the deposited money.